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Does teachervidya.com have a safe payment gateway ?

Yes, teachervidya.com has a safe payment gateway which protects all our customers from any sort of online frauds, our customers personal records and data and transactions records related to Banks, Credit Cards , Debit Cards & Net Banking safe etc. We also have SSL Certificates to protect the interests of our customers to the best possible manner. We requests our clients to be assured from us on the best possible manner we can.

Has teachervidya.com taken necessary steps to protects its online customers personal data ?

Yes, the data shared on teachervidya.com is totally secured to the best possible manner against any sort of fraud or hacking. Our customers can be assured that their dat will not be shared or made public without prior consent from them.

How does teachervidya.com works ? 

teachervidya.com is an online site which basically allows its clients to visit and register on the site by filling the registration form by taking their various personal details. These details are further verified by the teachervidya.com team and if found okay it is further allowed to be displayed on the website. Further these details can be seen by its clients by Login In and the concerned person can edit, update and see his or her profile. Similarly, the clients can also search their requirements in the search engine provided on the home page of our website. Our team will not allow any of its clients to misuse the website in any ways or means. And any misleading data found on the website may lead to deletion of the clients profile without prior notice or information. This is for the security of our clients and website.  

How can we register on teachervidya.com ?

On the home page of our website you will find a link :- Register With Us. .Any one can register with teachervidya.com. by filling the registration form available on our website. In this process we will require your personal details on the basis of which we will access your details.

How will the payment be done to the tutors ?

teachervidya.com will not take any responsibility for the payment of the tuition fees. It requests all its clients whether parents, guardians, students or teachers, tutors to kindly co-ordinate among themselves for the tuition fees and its payment related issues and queries. teachervidya,com will not take any responsibility in this matter. As it is totally between the service provider and service receiver.

Who will be paying the tutor their tuition fees ?

We request all our clients  whether parents, guardians, and students not to pay any sort of advance to the teachers or tutors. Similarly, we request the tutors or teachers taking home tuitions to collect the fees from the parents directly. Also it is the sole responsibility, of the parents to kindly pay the teachers or tutors timely the fees for the services taken by them from their teachers. 

What type of services can we provide via teachervidya.com ?

teachervidya.com is a platform to serve the parents, students the best of the knowledge, tips and ideas related to various subjects or books which a teacher can impart to its students. Currently we are helping out only for one-to-one tuitions only which is known as Home Tuitions also. We do not have any facility as of know for Online tuitions or group tuitions.

What type of tuitions can we offer ?

All the teachers, tutors needs to be capable and experienced for teaching or handling students from any level upto any class. Tuitions can be offered for any subjects, any musical instruments, any cooking classes etc.

Can we tutor online ?

No, right now we do not have any such facility for online tutoring. 

Who is the owner of teachervidya.com ?

Home Tuitions is the sole proprietor concern of teachervidya.com.

Benefits for taking Subscription ?

By purchasing subscription, you are entitled to view the address and contact details of the requirement you are looking for. Also the person gets a better chance of getting more tuitions. As we place him on the more preferred list. You can also take free subscription but there you are not entitled to view the contact details 

Can one register for free ?

Yes , you can register for free on teachervidya.com. But you will not be able to view lot of details / data of the registered person.  

How can we contact the admin department for any query ?

We request all our clients to call us on 080.6568.3444 / 080.4209.7285 for any query related to admin department.

Shall we pay any advance to the tutor ?

No. We request all our parents, students & guardians to not to pay any sort of advance to the to the tutor. As teachervidya.com ( owned by Home Tuitions ) will not take any sort of responsibility for this.