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Terms & Conditions

                                                                Terms & Conditions To Be Followed Under Teacher Vidya Membership:-

You must take the time to read and understand our Terms & Conditions before registering with teachervidya.com (owned by Home Tuitions) services. By registering, you give your acceptance that you are entering into a contract with us based on the below mentioned Terms & Conditions and you also agree to below mentioned Terms & Conditions of teachervidya.com. Guests to the teachervidya.com who do not register to become a member (parents, guardians, teachers, tutors, and students) similarly confirm that they are bound by these Terms & Conditions each time they access the teachervidya.com service.  If you do not accept the Terms & Conditions stated below, we request you to not to use or register with our website.

1) The use of the website teachervidya.com by a parent, guardian, student, teacher or a tutor shall be deemed as acceptance and agreement to these Terms & Conditions.

3) Any profile created showing political, illegal, hacking, malware, vulgar content or porn interest will not be accepted in any condition by the team of teachervidya.com.

5) By accepting our Terms & Conditions, a teacher or tutor confirms that he is minimum of  18 or 18 + years of age and above, has the necessary qualifications and/or experience to provide tuition in the subjects specified by the tutor on the website and does not comes under the Indian Child Labor Act.

7) A student, teacher or tutor will accept full responsibility for the prices quoted for their services taken or rendered by them on our website teachervidya.com and for collection of all fees due to the tutor from any student. Hereby, teachervidya.com should not be held responsible for any non-payment of dues by either party for any services provided of advance collected or paid.

9) A teacher or tutor in responding to feedback of Students posted on the website, a tutor shall not be personally be abusive about a student or his nominees.

11) A teacher or tutor and shall secure payment from a student for services provided pursuant to a contract direct and shall not seek to recover any payment from teachervidya.com.

13) A teacher, tutor acknowledges that he is not an employee of teachervidya.com and accepts full responsibility for all Income Tax, Service Tax and other taxes or liabilities payable in relation to any fees generated from a tuition contract to the Government of India.

15) A tutor or teacher undertakes to register for the teachervidya.com service using accurate and current information about him/her - including correct name, address, telephone number, qualifications and any other requested details. A tutor or teacher understands that the details and data entered by them on the website will be publicly visible and may appear in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) results.

17) The members (tutors, students and parents) acknowledge that teachervidya.com can use data for any statistical analysis if required.

19) The members of teachervidya.com provided on warrant that their e-mail and other contact addresses are valid and will be and up to date when using the website.

21) Members acknowledges that teachervidya.com is not liable for direct indirect consequential or any other form of loss or damage that may be suffered by a member through the use of the website including loss of data or information or any kind of financial or physical loss or damage.

23) teachervidya.com reserves the right to withdraw or modify aspects of the teachervidya.com service, or the entirety of it, where we have legal or commercial reasons to do so. There may also be times when the teachervidya.com  service becomes inaccessible as a result of technical difficulties experienced by teachervidya.com  or on the internet; we will, however, use reasonable skill and care to overcome these difficulties where they are within our control.

25) teachervidya.com reserves the right to suspend or deactivate and delete any fake profile even if it is a premium member. This is applicable for all tutors, students and guardians, students or parents.

27) These Terms will be subject to Indian Law and under the Jurisdiction of Indian Courts.

29) teachervidya.com  Privacy Policy forms part of these Terms & Conditions, and by agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, you also give your consent to the way we may handle your personal data as given in that policy.

30) Thank you for registration with teachervidya.com and showing utmost trust in us we assure you to render the best possible service we can and will try to help you in best possible manner to achieve your target customer and client.